Learning how to be online

#stpetersloxton #onlinechurch #lutheran

The last few weeks have been a big learning curve for me and the St Peter's church community. The most significant thing is coming to grips with the fact that we can't meet together to worship in our church building. Perhaps it's a time for us to reflect on what it means to be church? The early Christians didn't have a specific church building to meet in, they gathered in their homes - but what was most important was meeting around the word (the apostles teachings) and breaking bread together (Holy Communion). Think about it, it was about growing in love with God in his word, and growing in love with one another through the sharing of a meal and celebrating Holy Communion. This is what holds the church together.

We are in interesting times where we can't physically meet together, we are restricted to our homes and those who live on our homes. How do we keep meeting together? The only way we can do this is by chatting on the phone, having phone and video conference calls - like Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. We can do online church and know that we are part of a larger community outside our own homes. This will get us so far, and for the meantime its all we have. But what a day of celebration it will be when the restrictions are lifted and we are able to meet together in worship!

For now we need to learn how to be an online community (phones included). Don't be afraid to grab your contact book and phone up another person from church and ask them how they are going - you don;t need to chat for an hour, just a few minutes checking in is fine.