1. Download a Bible App, read the Bible online or get hold of a printed Bible (contact us if you need one)
Download Bible App Read Bible Online
2. Get some guidance in how to read the bible
The link below will take you to an awesome website called "The Bible Project"
How to read the Bible
3. Find a reading plan or study to help you

Below is a link to a study guide on the book of Luke. Luke is in the New Testament part of the bible and he writes about the life of Jesus. 

A Bible reading plan to get you started
4. Contact St Peter's and ask for someone to support you as you begin this exciting journey
Going deeper in my Learning

Having good resources to help us delve deeper into the bible can be really helpful. We can learn more about the context and culture the bible was written, which can provide further insights and reflection. 

Two recommended online resources are 'Enter the Bible' and 'Bible Project.' 

Enter the Bible Bible Project