Visiting a Church Community for the first time can be a daunting experiencing. But we promise we are friendly! We understand that you may just be checking us out, seeking spiritual fulfillment or guidance, looking for a place to worship God or desiring to find a church home. Whatever your reason - you are welcome to visit us at one of our worship services or contact our office during the week. 


If you are coming to one of our worship services most people will arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the start time. We have traditional style worship at 8:30am and a contemporary style worship at 10:30am. 


Our church building is on Bookpurnong Terrace, on the west side of town. If you are driving our main entrance is off Bookpurnong Terrace - on the side of the road that heads to town. You will enter between two signs and you are able to park on the left or right side along the tree line - on the right side people will form two rows. If by chance the car park is full, there is more parking behind the church and ministry centre (see pictures below). 

When you have found a park walk towards the church building, you can enter in by the right door. If you are unable to make it up steps a greeter can help you enter by the side entrance. 


You will greeted by a church member and handed a newsletter. Other people will say hello to you. You will now walk into the rear part of the building and from here you can enter into the main area; you are welcome to sit anywhere you like.


If would like to be more inconspicuous you can take the stairs at the rear of the building (left hand side) that lead to the upstairs seating area, not many people sit up here. 

The bell will ring to grab people's attention; that worship is about to start. 

In Christian worship you see:

  • People singing

  • People admitting to God their failure to live perfectly, and receive his forgiveness

  • You will hear someone read from the bible

  • People will say together a statement of what they believe (what unites us as a community)

  • The pastor or preacher will give a bible based message

  • A monetary freewill offering will be taken up. Our church functions on the generosity of people

  • A person will lead a time of prayer

  • After the service we will have a free morning tea outside the church building - you are very welcome to join us.

We also have Holy Communion every second week. If it is your first time we don't expect you to participate, it you may find it more comfortable to speak with our pastor before participating. 

Sometimes there will be other events or celebrations on, such as a baptisms, Christmas or Easter.